Cataracts are an eye condition that cause clouding or transparency with the lens of the eyeball.

Cataracts are an eye condition that cause clouding or transparency with the lens of the eyeball. Eyes, which are free from the condition, should be clear and have an abil... Read More

Resveratrol has been used in Asian cultures for many years for the purposes of treating heart problems, as well as disorders of the liver.

Resveratrol is the compound responsible for what is commonly referred to as the “French Paradox.” This paradox has been noted on many news documentary programs and has inc... Read More

Garlic Pills - Our Guide

Garlic is widely popular and has been valued for hundreds and thousands of years, due to the therapeutic purposes it is believed to hold.

<... Read More

Other News:

Waste Not, Want Not

In 32 years (2050), we will be dealing with major food issues. By then, the global population will have grown from today’s 7.6 billion people to 10 billion people (not due to lots of new babies, due mainly to longer lifespans related to better health care and nutrition). We will need 60% more food than […] The post Waste Not, Want Not appeared first on Nancy Clark RD. ...

Do you count calories and track your food?

 Today’s athletes commonly count calories and track their food. Some use MyFitnessPal, others create an Excel spreadsheet, ant there are those who still keep food records the old fashioned way with pen and notebook. The question arises: Is recording /tracking your food intake a good idea The answer depends on why you do this tedious […] The post Do you count calories and track your food appeared first on Nancy Clark RD. ...

The Milk Debate: Does it really do a body good?

I’m sure you’ve heard anti-dairy people inform you that cows’ milk is for calves, so no wonder it causes health issues in humans. Experts can debate whether or not dairy is bad for health, but the bottom line is, dairy milk is nutrient-rich and a convenient source of high quality protein, calcium, vitamin D, riboflavin, […] The post The Milk Debate: Does it really do a body good appeared first on Nancy Clark RD. ...

Is anything good about white flour….???

Nancy, in the section on carbohydrates in your Sports Nutrition Guidebook, you wrote that half of the grains we eat should be whole grains. The last few years I have steered away from refined white flour and processed grain-products, like white pasta, white bread and white rice. Can you talk me through your approach to […] The post Is anything good about white flour…. appeared first on Nancy Clark RD. ...

The Great Sugar Debate

  Sugar is a total waste of calories. I don’t touch the stuff. I have such a sweet-tooth. My day is grim without some sugar in it. Before I compete, I eat a spoonful of honey to boost my energy      If you are like many athletes, you are confused about the role of sugar […] The post The Great Sugar Debate appeared first on Nancy Clark RD. ...

Confused about GMOs?

If you scrutinize food labels, looking for the words GMO-Free, keep reading. Please be aware: the words GMO-Free or No GMOs are often used on foods that do not even have a GMO (genetically modified organism) counterpart. Only a handful of foods have been genetically modified: corn, soybeans, potato, papaya, canola, sugar beets, summer squash, […] The post Confused about GMOs appeared first on Nancy Clark RD. ...

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  • Anti-Aging Program

    Anti-Aging Program
    We are living in an era when more and more people are remaining active and energetic well beyond the age of previous generations. It is no wonder that the vast ...(more)

    $159.85 More Details
  • Respiratory Program

    Respiratory Program
    The respiratory system is sensitive and can be affected by many different variables, especially the environment and its dust and pollens. Natural substances lik...(more)

    $94.85 More Details
  • Polyphenol Antioxidant Program

    Polyphenol Antioxidant Program
    Apart from nutrient antioxidants (vitamins, minerals, and carotenoids) and enzyme system antioxidants (glutathione, SOD, catalase) there are the powerful polyph...(more)

    $106.85 More Details
  • Detoxification Program

    Detoxification Program
    Our body, primarily the liver and colon, has a detoxification system that speeds the removal of harmful chemicals. Support healthy detoxification by supplementi...(more)

    $86.90 More Details
  • Digestive Health Program

    Digestive Health Program
    Digestion and absorption of food occurs throughout the digestive tract, but enzymes are released in the small intestines. These enzymes for digestion, secreted ...(more)

    $90.85 More Details
  • Heart Health Program

    Heart Health Program
    Like every muscle, the heart has a voracious appetite for good nutrition, but unlike other muscles, the heart is continuously working. Many nutrients are involv...(more)

    $108.85 More Details
  • Vision Health Program

    Vision Health Program
    This new formula offers all the vision protection of our original Macula Hx™, with the addition of Ribes nigrum (cassis) extract, in an easy-to-swallow ...(more)

    $146.85 More Details
  • Liver Health Program

    Liver Health Program
    Hepatox is like a shield for your liver supplying powerful herbal antioxidants that coat liver cells to help protect them from damage. This antioxidant protecti...(more)

    $111.85 More Details
  • Memory Program

    Memory Program
    Krill oil is extracted from small Antarctic crustaceans, the source of several highly nutritional components: 1) anti-inflammatory Omega 3 fatty acids EPA a...(more)

    $134.85 More Details
  • Sleep Management Program

    Sleep Management Program
    Few things can help you feel as good as a restful night's sleep, and few things are as beneficial. Sleeplessness is connected to muscle loss, weight gain, and o...(more)

    $75.85 More Details
  • Circulation Program

    Circulation Program
    Grape Seed Extract Grape seeds naturally contain nutritional components such as flavonoids, linoleic acid (Omega 6) and polyphenols called Oligomeric Proan...(more)

    $110.85 More Details
  • Blood Sugar Health Program

    Blood Sugar Health Program
    Gluco Hx® There are over 200 herbs, as part of the diet may have an influence on blood sugar. The best of these are combined in Gluco Hx® along w...(more)

    $95.90 More Details
  • GERD Program

    GERD Program
    It is normal to belch after a meal to release trapped gas but some people belch inappropriately and frequently for various reasons. This program offers good nut...(more)

    $71.85 More Details
  • C-Reactive Protein Program

    C-Reactive Protein Program
    C-reactive protein (CRP) is released from the liver and from fat cells on the abdomen. When it is modestly elevated it is a sign that there is persistent inflam...(more)

    $110.85 More Details
  • HIV Positive Program

    HIV Positive Program
    HIV positive patients do well with supplementation helping to restore their antioxidant levels for cellular health. This is especially necessary due to the drug...(more)

    $133.80 More Details
  • Radiation Support Program

    Radiation Support Program
    Nutritional support for individuals who seek it during an X-ray exam.* Detox Hx™ Food nutrients supporting the liver and body's detoxification mechanisms.*...(more)

    $140.85 More Details
  • Anti Fatigue Program

    Anti Fatigue Program
    #ulProgramContains li margin-bottom:0 The Anti Fatigue Program Contains: ALCAR with ALA CoQ10 Ubiquinol + Coenzyme 1 NADH ALCAR with ALA Acetyl-L-Carni...(more)

    $127.90 More Details
  • H. Pylori Program

    H. Pylori Program
    The bacterium H. Pylori causes distress and damage in the stomach and start of the small intestine. Healthy intestinal bacteria, certain plant extracts and tea ...(more)

    $103.85 More Details
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