Zinc, by improving sexual function, can improve peoplesí sex lives, and it increases the health of hair, and helps heal skin wounds and conditions, such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

Zinc is well known for its reported ability to reduce the length and severity of colds; it can also help alleviate canker sores, sore throats, and skin injuries, acne, tinnitus--or ri... Read More

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Just When You Found a Supplement You LikeÖ It Changes

by Matt Weik Have you ever found a supplement you like, and almost immediately it gets reformulated and you find it isnít the same Iíve been there, and Iíve been on the receiving end of customer complaints as well from my time in the industry. Why do brands fix something that isnít broke Well, there...

Is Turmeric a Supplement You Should Consider?

by Matt Weik To get this out of the way and avoid any confusion, this article will use turmeric and curcumin interchangeably. Turmeric is a spice that is commonly used in Indian food and gives curry its rich and deep yellow color. For years turmeric has been used as a medicinal herb along with its...

The Future of Retailers in the Supplement Space

by Matt Weik Letís think for a minute of our buying habits. How many of you actually go to a store these days to make your purchases Now, how many of you do the majority of your buying online You might be thinking that there are certain items that you only purchase online while others...

You Can Drink, Swallow and Eat Supplements Ė But Now You Can Spray Them?

by Matt Weik Convenience will always be a deciding factor in if someone will use a supplement or not. We are used to eating bars, drinking shakes, and swallowing pills. However, now a new delivery method is coming to market and it is in the form of an oral supplement spray. Will this new trend...

The Media Versus the Supplement Media

by Anthony Roberts To people getting their dietary supplement information through the mainstream media, it must seem like the industry is unregulated and dangerous. Press releases and studies covered in the news often focus on negative results: supplemental antioxidants increase cancer risk, ingredients are being sold illegally, and protein powder is filled with contaminants such...

Should You Buy a Mass Gainer or Make Your Own?

by Matt Weik Iím not going to beat around the bushóI am not a fan of mass gainers at all. And when I say Iím not a fan, I mean I refused to sell them when I worked for a large supplement company and it drove them nuts. I simply donít believe in them and...

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  • InVite® Cleanser

    InVite® Cleanser
    Designed to lift away impurities and maintain the skin's delicate moisture balance. Deep cleans and provides antioxidant support and hydration, leaving skin smo...(more)

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  • InVite® Toner

    InVite® Toner
    Designed to help tighten pores and improve the skin's facial tonality and appearance without drying it out. Both cooling and refreshing, it provides antioxidant...(more)

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  • Facial Moisturizer

    Facial Moisturizer
    Our facial moisturizer is rich in antioxidants from Grape Seed, Bilberry fruit, Vitamins C and E and Alpha Lipoic Acid, offering enriching protection for the lo...(more)

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