Information on Mineral Supplements

Minerals are natural elements that are made in the earth and hand in hand with their sister supplement; they function as an essential part in enzymes and coenzymes, an important factor for life to occur.

Coenzymes are needed for carrying out life-sustaining functions, and enzymes are essential for increasing the speed of reactions of chemicals that take place in the body.

To cut a long story short, the chemical reactions are what are needed to control processes in the body. Taking mineral supplements are absolutely critical for maintaining good health, particularly to prevent any deficiencies or to fix them if there is already a deficiency.

How do Mineral Supplements benefit?

As minerals play a critical part in metabolic process in human life, this means they are needed for aiding the body to be able to produce energy, help growth, and for reproduction in the health of our cells. Any deficiency in just one area or mineral may result in health problems, which require medical attention. This is because minerals and vitamins work together to maintain health and life and shortage in one, can result in one other mineral or vitamin not doing their job correctly.
For example zinc is needed for the body to change vitamin A into an active form and without Vitamin A, depleted vision may occur along with many other health problems.

As explained earlier free radicals may be present which are highly reactive chemical substances, some minerals can function as free radical scavengers, such as selenium, which is able, in most cases, to neutralize these highly reactive substances. Without these minerals, harmful diseases such as cancer and heart disease may occur, not to mention premature ageing.

Technically, you are able to obtain all the required nutrients from food alone, however, due to modern farming methods, the mineral and vitamin content of vegetables have been affected, because of chemicals which are sprayed over crops.

Therefore, it is much more difficult to obtain the natural goodness from fruit and vegetables grown today. Unless you have the perfect diet, it is necessary to top up with mineral supplements. Studies have shown that half of Americans do not have the recommended daily requirement in supplements needed to maintain a healthy well-being.

A few of the more popular supplements which are available and most of which we will cover are;

• Copper Gluconate
• Magnesium Citrate
• Potassium Citrate
• Chromium
• Strontium supplements
• Coral Calcium

Precautions and Tips on Choosing Mineral Supplements

When taking supplements, it essential that you use a top quality product, some of the reasons why we recommend this are below;

As minerals work together, it is important that scientists with approved and trusted credentials formulate the product. There are a lot of products, which are just quickly put together, in many cases ingredients overriding each other, therefore, not getting the benefit for which you bought the product. Many not having any effect at all.

Choose a manufacturer that follows pharmaceutical GMP compliance, as many supplements created in the US are not regulated and therefore have no effect.

There are supplements, which are formed using the CHELATED form. Chelated minerals are attached to molecules of proteins, which allow them to travel easily through the body via the bloodstream that creates better absorption. Examples of supplements, which do come in this form, are Boron, Manganese, Molybdenum, Selenium and Vanadium.

Before your purchase, you could also call or email the company and ask if they have a certificate of analysis on file. If they say they do not, delay or decline to answer then avoid these companies if possible.

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