Garlic Pills - Our Guide

Garlic is widely popular and has been valued for hundreds and thousands of years, due to the therapeutic purposes it is believed to hold.

 Egyptians consumed the garlic bulb for endurance, strength and vitality, and over the years, has also established that it holds anti-bacterial properties, and now garlic has now been magically transferred into supplements.

Possibly, one of the main advantages being that no longer will you (or anyone else) have to suffer from the disadvantage of scent of garlic on your breath, while still being able to gain the benefits!!!!

Below is just some of the many ways in which garlic can improve our health:

• Reducing Cholesterol

• Act as an anti-clotting agent – this reduces the possibility of platelets clumping together (blood clot), the cause of heart attacks

• Combat Infections

• Aid the reduction of high blood pressure

• Hold anti-cancer properties

• Rich in antioxidants

All of the above have been researched by actual garlic consumption, not by supplements such as garlic pills and other forms in which it can be purchased.

At Nutritional Supplement Guides, we have researched into finding out whether garlic supplements offer the same health benefit as those who consume garlic itself. However, there are various conclusions to these tests.

We recommend that you actually decide for yourself, which one is more beneficial to you.

Below, we will give you two examples of each case, one for garlic pills and one, which is against. This may help you to decide for yourself.

Against Garlic Pills

When crushing or chopping garlic, a chemical is formed, this is called allicin. This is what is responsible for the strong odour which garlic produces, until garlic is crushed or split, it has no odour.

Tests taken have proved that many of the benefits with garlic, like lowering cholesterol are actually due to the allicin produced when crushing it. As some companies advise that their products have no odour, the experts do argue that they probably do not hold any allicin, and therefore, it is possible that the goodness within the pill is absent.

For Garlic Pills

For those who eat garlic, they usually cook it, however, it has been proved that cooking garlic breaks down the allicin that is responsible for the benefits in garlic. Therefore, to benefit fully from the garlic, it would be necessary for it to be eaten raw, unfortunately due the potent odour, individuals are reluctant to do this.

Some experts and companies claim that their garlic supplements actually do contain allicin and therefore, you will reap the benefits from the supplement.

With our current understanding of supplements at Nutrition Supplement Guides, our conclusion is, if you do want to try garlic supplements, which do have an enteric coating, we recommend that you try these.

What is Enteric Coating?

This is a special coating which is used as a protective measure on the supplement, so that it is passed through the inside of the body without reducing the effect or benefit of the supplement.

This is very important as many nutrients can be destroyed by stomach acids, before they are able to travel into the bloodstream where they are at their most beneficial. This coating covers all pharmaceutical drugs, but not all supplements are, although it is highly recommended that they should be.

Some manufacturers do claim that enteric coated products will not only prevent the odour of garlic breath, but also allows the garlic to pass through the stomach safely which ensure that you benefit from the allicin contained within the supplement.

Personally, we do consume our garlic raw, but nevertheless, we do believe in the validity of enteric coated supplements and the best health supplement used have an enteric coating so that essential nutrients are protected, until they can be released into the bloodstream.