Memory Supplements are in extremely high demand, as cases of Alzheimer’s and other cognitive disorders are continuing to rise in the world

These supplements, also called memory pills, are in extremely high demand, as cases of Alzheimer’s and other cognitive disorders are continuing to rise in the world.

Although there is not a guaranteed or permanent fix, (unfortunately there is no cure for some progressive diseases, such as Alzheimer’s) these supplements can increase the chances of aiding the body, by starving off cognitive decline and help to encourage health functioning of the mental state and acuity.

Which are the Best?

Below is a list of the memory supplements, which from recommendation are offering the most promising result of increasing mental acuity and holding off cognitive decline.


This is a natural nutrient, which can be found in high concentrations in fish. This can elevate a person’s mood, help to combat or alleviate depression, and boost behavioural function, occasion it has been known to boost intelligence. This nutrients role is to manufacture acetylcholine, which is a necessary transmitter that cares for the healthy function of mental behaviour. Acetycholine’s main role is acting as a messenger in the brain for the memory, and in cases of those with Alzheimer’s, the process has been found to be severely reduced.

Gotu Kola

The phrase ‘Having a Memory Like An Elephant’ is likely to come from this, as the leaves of this plant are one of the foods of which an elephant loves to eat. This is showing to provide many brain enhancements such as increasing mental acuity, delaying or keeping of memory deterioration, and improving blood flow through the blood vessels. In a recent study, 30 disabled children were found to have significantly improved concentration and attention after taking Gotu Kola for 12 weeks.

Gingko Biloba;

Gingko is a well-known herb that has been tested many times for the ability, which it has to increase the oxygen content, which is supplied to the brain. This is thought to assist with enhancing memory and increasing clarity and the ability to focus more mentally.

Precautions about Memory Supplements

As with all supplements, there are precautions that you must be aware of and acknowledge before taking any of the said supplements.

Gingko is a blood-thinning agent; if you are on any other blood thinning agents such as aspirin or warfarin, then do not take these before consulting a qualified physician.

There are no known side effects of DMAE.

Pregnant women, as with any medication or supplement, should consult their physician first of all.

If you do find any unusual symptoms while taking these supplements then stop taking them and consult a doctor.

Nutritional Supplement’s Guide’s Tips on Choosing Memory Supplements

Choose a manufacturer that follows pharmaceutical GMP compliance, as many supplements created in the US are not regulated and therefore have no effect.

Always purchase supplements, which are produced from standardized herbal extracts. They are produced with the highest quality and potency; some supplement manufacturers do not use these as they cost more. This is why it is essential you purchase from ethical and reputable companies, where integrity of their produce will come before a decent profit margin.

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