Potassium citrate is a digestible form of potassium, which is found in quality dietary supplements

What is Potassium?

This is an essential mineral, which is crucial to maintain water balance as well as bodily functionality, for example, proper muscle function, transmission of the nerves and a healthy heart.

Potassium is found within the human body and 95% is located within all the cells and works with sodium which is found outside of the cells to regulate healthy blood pressure and reducing the risk of the painful condition, kidney stones.

This is also needed to balance the effects of table salt entering the body and to prevent osteoporosis (or brittle bones disease). It helps to prevent the onset of premenstrual tension (PMT) or heart disease.

This mineral is regulated through the human body, specifically through the kidney; any excess of the mineral is eliminated from the body through urination.

Potassium citrate is not only responsible for controlling the water content in the body it also supports effective nerve transmissions, and regulates electric impulses travelling through the body from the heart, one example of which is regulating blood pressure to a healthy level and is also critical in the use of carbohydrates and proteins in the human body.

How much potassium is needed for the body to remain at a healthy level?

Based on a daily amount, men and women need at least an amount of 4.7 grams of potassium. Women between the ages of 31-50 consume less than 50 per cent of the daily amount of potassium needed to maintain the best health. Men consume only very slightly higher levels.

Getting enough potassium is very important. The balance of the homeostasis (water balance) between potassium and sodium is essential, if they are imbalanced then this can result in dehydration or retention of water. In turn, this can then lead to kidney stones, water infections, heart related illnesses, and weakness in the muscle tissue. Confusion and irritability is also a factor.

Symptoms of Potassium Deficiency

Symptoms of a deficiency may include;

• Acne
• Dry eyes
• Irritability
• Depression
• Constipation
• Breathing Problems
• Excessive thirst
• Bone and Joint Pain
• High Cholesterol
• Protein in Urine

The list goes on…

If your diet is not sufficient to meet the requirements that your body needs to be healthy, then it needs to be changed so it is, so it can be beneficial to take a potassium citrate supplement.

Is anyone more likely to be at risk than others?

There are factors that may increase the need for a supplement:

• Those who exercise regularly and excessively, due to a loss of body fluid through perspiration

• Women in general are much more likely to develop osteoporosis though a loss of calcium

• Those who may suffer from bouts of diarrhea are much more likely to suffer from a deficiency as they are losing essential body fluid

• Medication may also be a major cause of a loss of potassium. Some medicines may cause the deficiency

Foods High in Potassium

Even though you are looking at taking a potassium citrate supplement eating foods that contain high levels of this mineral should certainly not be neglected. Supplements are not the only solution to maintaining a healthy body; natural food can also be consumed to help keep your body at the correct balance

Below is a brief list of some foods high in potassium:

• Mushrooms
• Orange juice
• Fruits especially bananas
• Raw cauliflower, carrots, cabbage and broccoli
• Ripe tomatoes
• Beetroot
• Brussels sprouts
• String green beans

Is it possible to have a potassium overdose?

There are individuals who should not take a potassium citrate supplement.

People with kidney disease or kidney failure in particular, are advised not to take these supplements.

Those who are taking medications, which are potassium restricting, should not take these without seeking medical advice first of all.

Those people who are taking analgesics or anti-inflammatory drugs should not take potassium without seeking medical advice first of all

There are symptoms of excessive potassium these include stomach upset, effected heart beat and blood pressure. If these symptoms begin, stop taking these supplements and speak to your physician.

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