Picture Perfect

Dinner time has always been the biggest hassle in our family. Trying to have the “traditional family dinner” is not a reality we live in. The children do not just come quietly to the table and eat politely talking about everyone’s days. With a 3, 7 and 1 year old there is no order what so ever. our 7 year old is beginning to understand behavior at the table, but our 3 year old still has no clue. She thinks the newest baby brother at the table is so fascinating she wants to give him everything on her plate, and if you know toddlers, they have no sense of softly or gently. Our old hand-me-down booster seat for our youngest was not proving effective. Either My husband or I would have to sit next to him the entire meal with at least one hand around his waist in case big sister tries to force feed him food, or if he just is a one year and finds himself squirming in his chair. Needless to say whoever sat next to him did not even begin to eat dinner until everyone had finished and cleared the table.

We thought it was time to buy a new booster seat for our baby boy, so he can be safe and we can both enjoy our dinner at the same time. Our friends recommended we check out Fisher Price brands for in their opinion “the best quality.” So we went to the store and found the Fisher Price section for booster seats, and found a wide variety. There were so many colors and seat stability choices to see. It was amazing. We finally found the booster seat for us. It had straps that attached to the back of the dining room table, as well as wrapped around his waist to protect him from falling or slipping. Also, as a plus, we got our baby boy a blue and gray booster seat, since most of his furniture is a hand me down from his big sisters.

This booster seat was such an amazing idea to get, and allowed us to sit together and have dinner together. While it is still not the image of the perfect family dinner, we are all together eating and spending time together. I wouldn’t have it any other way.